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  • Gold (Au) $3758.96
  • Silver (Ag) $44.35
  • Live Prices: Accurate as of Sun 21st April 2024 @ 3:55pm

No hidden fee's, commissions or other charges.

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The Melbourne Gold Company are premium Melbourne gold dealers, we purchase all types of gold and silver you have to sell regardless of how little or how much you have.

No appointments are needed to visit our office, you can sell gold jewellery, sell gold coins, sell gold bullion or sell silver and platinum items anytime during our Melbourne gold buyers office hours.

Visit us in store to receive the highest possible payments when you sell gold, silver or platinum items and get paid in cash or fast bank transfer.

The rates we pay are displayed clearly on this page and show the price per gram when you sell gold jewellery or scrap gold items.

For our full price list you can visit our Gold Price page or call / visit us for more information.

Gold Jewellery Payment Rates

Gold Purity Level We Pay You
24ct (99.9% Pure) Gold Items: $111.07 Per Gram
22ct (91.6% Pure) Gold Items: $101.85 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $100.07 Per Gram
21ct (87.5% Pure) Gold Items: $97.29 Per Gram
20ct (83.3% Pure) Gold Items: $92.62 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $83.39 Per Gram
15ct (62.5% Pure) Gold Items: $69.49 Per Gram
14ct (58.3% Pure) Gold Items: $64.82 Per Gram
10ct (41.6% Pure) Gold Items: $46.25 Per Gram
9ct (37.5% Pure) Gold Items: $41.69 Per Gram
8ct (33.3% Pure) Gold Items: $37.02 Per Gram

Current Gold/Silver Bullion Rates

Bullion/Coin We Pay You We Sell For
1oz 999 Gold Bar $3664 $3820
1oz 999 Gold Coin $3664 $3888
10oz 999 Gold Bar $36649 $38046
1kg 999 Gold Bar $117832 $122104
1 gram 24k Gold Granules $111.07 $145
1oz 999 Silver $41.92 $55.17
10oz 999 Silver $419.00 $523.43
1kg 999 Silver $1347.00 $1588.96

Buy & Sell Gold Bullion & Silver Bullion

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We are proud to offer the highest payment rates when you sell gold bullion or sell silver bullion with the Melbourne Gold Company. Our expert gold buying consultants are able to assess and purchase any type of bullion you have to sell, with payment available in cash or fast bank transfer, regardless of how little or how much you have to sell.

If you are looking to buy gold or silver bullion, we also offer a range of low cost bullion options for investment.

Our bullion buying and selling rates are advertised live on this page, with more available by viewing our Gold Price List.

For assistance with buying or selling bullion at any time, you are welcome to call us or visit our call us or visit our Melbourne gold dealers suite at Level 7 / 227 Collins Street in the CBD. No appointments are required.

Sell Gold Coins or Sell Silver Coins

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As leading gold buyers Melbourne we are familiar with buying and selling gold and silver coins from all origins worldwide. We are proud to offer the highest cash payments when you sell gold coins or sell silver coins to us.

Gold coin prices we offer for our most commonly received coins are clearly advertised live on this page, for less common coins you can visit our Gold Price List page.

If you need further information you are welcome to call us for assistance, or simply visit our gold buyers office to receive the best Melbourne cash for gold payments in the CBD.

Gold/Silver Coin Payment Rates

Coin Type We Pay You
1oz 999 Gold Coin $3664 Each
1oz Krugerrands $3457 Each
$200 Gold Coins $1019 Each
Gold Sovereigns $812 Each
Pre 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp $1.06 Per Gram
Post 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp 0.57 Per Gram
1966 50c Silver Round Coin $12.12 Each
Mexican Peso $4169 Each
Gold Loans

Melbourne Gold Loans / Gold Pawnbroker Services

Gold Loans

An alternative to selling your gold is to take out a gold loan with us instead. The Melbourne Gold Company can assist with both short term or long term loans against any gold or silver items.

We offer the lowest interest rates in Melbourne and provide significantly higher loan amounts compared to other Melbourne pawnbrokers.

Sell Gold Nuggets in Melbourne

Sell Gold

If you have just found your first gold nuggets, or have a large quantity of nuggets collected over the years, the Melbourne Gold Company offers the highest payments for your gold nuggets.

We are able to assay and value all types of gold nuggets and gold dust. Payments can be made in store after the assay process.

Sell Gold
Gold Buyers Melbourne
Our Gold Buyers Melbourne offer a variety of ways to

Buy Gold & Sell Gold In


Gold Loans Melbourne

Sell Gold in Melbourne CBD

In Melbourne and looking to receive the highest amount of cash for gold and silver items? visit us at the Melbourne Gold Company. We guarantee the highest cash payments at leading market rates when you sell gold coins, gold jewellery, gold bullion or any other gold and silver items direct with us.

Our Gold Buyers Melbourne CBD office suite is private and secure, our trained staff offer quick testing to evaluate your gold items. We also ensure your payment will be the highest and most competitive available in Melbourne.

Our automated pricing system is linked live with the world gold trading spot price, ensuring you receive the correct rates to the minute towards the payment value for all your gold and silver, with no hidden costs, charges or fees.

Selling Gold In Melbourne

Gold Loans Melbourne

The Melbourne Gold Company provides the option to take out a gold loan as an alternative to selling gold jewellery, gold coins or gold bullion.

Our Gold Loans are provided in 1 month terms and can be renewed for a further 30 days by paying the interest due for the current month before the due date.

If you only take out the loan for one or two weeks, you will receive a special discounted rate for repaying the loan early.

For full details on our MGC gold loan and pawnbroker interest rates, repayment amounts and how to start the gold loan process from our Melbourne CBD office, click below to view our our gold pawn shop services.

Gold Loans / Melbourne Gold Pawn Shop

Buy Gold Bullion or Buy Silver Bullion In Store or Online

The Melbourne Gold Company are premium Melbourne bullion dealers, we provide a huge variety of gold bullion and silver bullion products from well known mints to suit all types of bullion investors.

If you are in the market to buy gold bullion or buy silver bullion, regardless the amount of bullion you need, large or small, Melbourne Gold Company can cater to your investment requirements.

For customers who need bullion today, instant possession of all gold or silver bullion is available for walk in customers using cash as payment or RTGS. If paying by Bank Deposit we recommend using our online store, or call us for more options.

We also cater to jewellers and other industry buyers by stocking gold and silver granules at a very low price compared to the world spot value.

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How to visit our Gold Dealers Suite in Melbourne CBD

How to visit our Melbourne CBD Gold Dealers Suite

Our gold buyers Melbourne office is located at Suite 701, Level 7 / 227 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD.

We are a short 5 minute walk from Flinders Street Station, and the entrance to our building is located on the corner of Swanston and Collins Streets.

When you arrive, proceed through the entrance named "Wales Corner", continue to the lift then exit on Level 7, where you will find our office.

If driving into Melbourne CBD, the cheapest short term parking is available at 200 Little Collins St, Melbourne, with only a short walk to our office.

For more information, call our office on (03) 8678 2085 or visit us in store.

Our Melbourne Location

Bullion Storage Services

The Melbourne Gold Company provides storage services for all types of gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion bars and bullion coins.

For more information and pricing, please click the button below:

Bullion Storage Services

Gold Bullion Storage Melbourne
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